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Shantikuteer Spiritual Resources

Shantikuteer Sampraday(tradition) disciples follow a daily routine of four time bhajans and readings of different shlokas as part of daily sadhana. This section has all the relevant resources and metirials that can be downloaded, printed and distributed.


Morning Bhajans & Arati - Print - Downloadble Audio Mp3

Afternoon & Evening Bhajans & Arati - (Print) - Downloadble Audio Mp3

Late Night Bhajans & Arati - (Print) - Downloadble Audio MP3 Part 1
Part 2

Dash Sutra by Shree Ganapatrao Maharaj

Havent found resources you were looking for?
Feel free to mail us at contact@shantikuteer.org to request any resource meterial that you are looking to be featured here, we will work on it and bring it to this section.