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 Shanti Kuteer Trust Kannur [Regd.]

Shree Samarth Sadguru Ganpatrao Maharaj Kannur, propagated “Advait”(non-duality) philosophy by extensively travelling all over India and performing Jnana Saptaha at various places and also in “Shanti Kuteer” for more than 60 years.

He Constructed and developed Shantikuteer ashram consisting of
1.A very big “Pravachana Hall” (Auditorium / discourse hall).
2.A temple of Lord Dattatreya and paintings of many saints are present in this hall.
3.A large kitchen with a spacious store room
4.A spacious dining hall
5.“Bhakta Nivas” consisting of more than 100 guest rooms

He Established ‘Adhyatma Bhandara’ and published more than 60 books, both in Marathi and Kannada. Most important being Dasabodh-translation in to Kannada from Marathi originally written by Swami Ramdas and Maharaj’s own “Sulabha Atmajnana” in Kannada

He Founded “Bharatiya Surajya Samsthe” to eradicate alcoholism, corruption and other evils alike in the society to make our country Surajya. Thus our Sadguru named the above activities to become part and parcel of “Shanti Kuteer Sampradaya” (tradition) founded by him. On Dattatreya Jayanti day of 2002, i.e. 19.12.2002 he penned down His wish as to how the “Shanti Kuteer Sampradaya” should continue to function and laid down certain norms. He directed that a trust comprising of ten members be constituted and the Trust should oversee the development and progress of the Sampradaya activities. He also constituted a ‘working committee’ for the effective, successful and smooth functioning of all the activities in Shanti Kuteer and of Shanti Kuteer Sampradaya. Accordingly, the Shanti Kuteer Trust Kannur [Regd.] was formed and registered at Bijapur on October 10, 2005.

To quote a few of His instructions to His disciples:

  1. Study intensively my life style, understand my highest spiritual status,realize, imbibe, assimilate my preaching and then propagate. Saptahas conducted should become “Jnana Yagnas” only.
  2. Do not construct temples etc (other than the one in Shanti Kuteer), do not write books etc. on me.
  3. Follow and practice Adhyatmic sadhana and practice them intently and lead spiritual life of highest order, bringing my preaching into practice thereby help others to achieve spiritual upliftment.
  4. Shanti Kuteer Ashram should become model ashram for the propagation of Jnana alone and should not become another pilgrimage center to be visited by thousands of visitors.