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Events and Saptah

Below is information on the various saptahs held at Shanti Kuteer Kannur in a calendar year

1) Chaitra Saptah (Celebrated from Chaitra shuddha pratipada -gudi padwa to Ramnavami) was started in the year 1974 due to the initiative of Shri Pandanna Ghonasgi. Chaitra Sapthah is celebrated for 9 days.

2) Shravan Saptah / Ganesh Chaturthi Saptah (Celebrated from Shravan Vadya trayodashi to Ganesh Chaturthi)was started in the year 1961 at Shanti Kuteer. This Saptah was initially started at Inchageri village back in 1958, there were about 60-70 people and total expenditure was about Rs 75-80. It was subsequently celebrated at Kannur village in 1959 and 1960. From the year 1961 it has been celebrated at Shanti Kuteer.

3) Datta Jayanti (Celebrated from margashirshya shuddha trayodashi till datta jayanti) was started after the Datta temple was constructed at Shanti Kuteer in 1984.